Sapiens Ubique Civis

Sapiens Ubique Civis


Sapiens Ubique Civis is an annual International PhD Student Conference launched in 2013. The aim of the conference is to bring together an international group of young scholars working in a variety of periods, places, languages, and fields. Papers on a wide range of classical subjects, including but not limited to the literature, history, philology, philosophy, linguistics and archaeology of Greece and Rome, Byzantinology, Neo-Latin studies, and reception of the classics, as well as papers dealing with theatre studies, comparative literature, contemporary literature, and fine arts related to the Antiquity are welcome. The main language of the conference is English, but German papers are welcome as well.

Current conference:

SUC IX – Szeged 2022



Sapiens Ubique Civis Journal:

Volume I (2020)

Volume II (2021)


Instructions for authors

Previous conferences (Abstracts):

SUC I – Szeged 2013

SUC II – Szeged 2014

SUC III – Szeged 2015

SUC IV – Szeged 2016

SUC VII – Conference Program 2019

Booklet Of Abstracts 2019

SUC VIII – Conference Program 2021